What is Elements of Astrology?

As the name implies, Elemental Astrology is the fundamentals of the narrative contained within the STARS as it relates to each of us. It is the ancient way of self discovery and the relationship one has with tangible space. With conventional astrology astrologers use mathematical algorithms to relate you to the stars that they never looked at themselves. Most astrologers do not even realize that the constellations are not equal in shape and size as their usual descriptions would imply. The Zodiac becomes a statistic in theory in the equation, not unlike the stars, relegated to nothing more than a series of numbers on a piece of paper and symbolized by the names of stars and planets which they have no relationship to.

Elemental Astrology uses STAR MAPS - the same maps utilized by Astronomers and the placement of the stars are precisely as they were in the sky on the day you were born. Sun signs become a thing of the past and take on a corrected meaning in a GENUINE relationship with the stars. Planets are in the accurate constellations and located in the proper houses of the Zodiac revealing the ancient understandings held deep within our consciousness.

In the chart that follows take notice that the most outer ring is the true measure of the constellations in two dimensions and the gauge Elements of Astrology utilizes, while the most inner ring is how Tropic Astrology divides the constellations constituting what the vast majority of Astrologer(s) use today. The inner ring is labeled Sideral more accurate than Tropical but is still well short of the exactness in size of each constellation. The outer ring is a correct and exact degree of the ecliptic using accurate measurements of each constellation as NASA and all other Astronomers would do. As you can see the Zodiac sign that you have followed for years is most likely incorrect. In addition to the Suns position being incorrect the remaining of the solar system is inaccurate allowing your previous relationship you thought you had with the stars wildly out of perspective. Every wonder why Astrology, your horoscope never made sense; now you know.


The principal differnce between Elements of Astrology and all the other astrology is Elements of Astrology goes directly to the origin of things and without pretense. As we acclimate ourselves into the Age of Aquarius it is required, mandated by the constellation itself that we take our perception deep within the universe or better yet ourselves.


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